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Do you have a question regarding any of our courses or the college in general? The answers to some commonly asked questions can be found in our FAQ section below, you may find some usual information there. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for there, feel free to contact us via any of the methods below or fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Common Questions

Will I be eligible for any grants or help towards course fees?

As a private college currently offering a ‘niche’ core subject we are not listed for any government approved subsidy or loan schemes at this time.

Do I have to be within the funeral profession to apply?

It is not essential to be a part of the profession before applying for a course but it is encouraged that you are pro-active in affiliating yourself with a service provider so that you may develop a greater appreciation for the role during your course of study.

How often do the courses run?

The flagship embalming and mortuary science course runs annually with assessment/selection sessions scheduled for Autumn and course commencement in January.

What age do I have to be to enrol on the course?

The minimum age at enrolment is 17 years but the applicant must be sure to have attained their 18th birthday before the commencement of practical classes.

The practical sessions start during Module 2, approx. 3 months into the course.

How long does the course last?

Students are registered to the British Institute of Embalmers for a 3 year term. Approximately 18 months of this time is given over to theory tuition and theory focused practical classes.

The remaining term is for the student to complete their practical portfolio’s and pass the two practical assessments.

It is possible for a dedicated student with an approved B.I.E. mentor to complete the course in a 2 year period.


Do I have to take a preliminary assessment before being accepted?

The college hosts assessment/selection sessions in the Autumn. These sessions are designed for applicants who have not moved into higher education beyond GCSE/NVQ level. Applicants who can provide evidence of higher education beyond academic level 3 will be invited for a personal interview and may be exempted from prior assessment.

Will I be guaranteed a career in the field on successful completion of the course?

In life there are no guarantees, the college cannot guarantee employment after succesful completion of the course. It is true to say, however, that a qualified applicant with a good work ethic has a significantly greater chance of securing a position within the profession.

Does the college offer distance learning options?

Yes, the college offers distance learning via the virtual learning environment BUT only applicants with a B.I.E. mentor and regular commitment to attend practical tuition will be considered for this mode of course delivery.